A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world object or system. Such a digital carbon copy gives developers many interesting opportunities. For instance, they can test their software, and they can run all kind of simulations and what-if scenarios on the digital twin long before the physical system is available. This way they can drastically reduce development time and boost first time right deployment.

Digital twinning is applicable in many sectors, from manufacturing and maintenance, to automotive and even healthcare. But the promising concept also scores very high on the Gartner hype cycle; it is right on the peak of inflated expectations, while successful use cases are still low in number.

The second edition of the Digital Twin Conference took place as an online event on 4 November 2020.

At the Digital Twin Conference, the true story about digital twinning was told. Online visitors got inspired by many examples from a broad set of domains.

If you’re still interested in a ticket for the on-demand videos, you can contact us via events@techwatch.nl

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