Program highlights

The complete program will be announced soon. Here you can already find some highlights of the day.

  • One of the leading Dutch specialist in digital twinning is Unit040. CTO Guido van Gageldonk will talk you through the why, how and what, and the do’s and don’ts. Recently, Techwatch interviewed Van Gageldonk about the impact of gaming technology on simulation and visualization in high tech
  • Prorail uses a digital twin of the railroad tracks to monitor the performance of rail switches in real time and to display the track and the surrounding space at a glance in the event of an incident. Jelle van Luipen will tell about the implementation process and the benefits.
  • Jonathan Citrin leads a computational physics research group at the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (Differ). His focus is on plasma simulation for fusion energy. The digital model his group build is a billion times faster than direct numerical simulation.
  • ASMI Alsi took a model-based approach to the real-time monitoring of a generic motion stage of a semicon machine. The resulting infrastructure makes sure the digital twin of its machines reacts as realistic as possible. Dragan Kostic will go into the details.

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