Bram de Vrught

Using simulation and digital twin to start a face mask factory

When Covid-19 hit, there was a large shortage of high quality face masks. A couple of ambitious entrepreneurs founded the Mondmaskerfabriek (MMF) where they wanted to produce high-quality face masks for the healthcare. MMF imported two face mask machines from China to start. We as QING stepped in to modify the machines according to EU safety regulations and the commissioning of the machines. We used simulation and digital twin as a tool to set up the factory and provide valuable information for scaling up and decision making.


About the speaker

After his bachelor in automotive engineering, Bram de Vrught started working at an engineering company. During that period he worked on multiple engineering projects for a diversity of companies. In 2011 De Vrught started working as an R&D engineer at a small prototype machine builder which later on became the start of Qing Groep. At Qing he became involved in the sales process. The company grew fast up to approximately hundred employees. The last five years, De Vrught is responsible for the R&D and innovation business unit and responsible for business development with focus on digitization.