Model-based approach to real-time monitoring of machine health condition

The semiconductor industry is one of the most technology-evolving and capital-intensive market sectors. To strengthen a competitive position in this industry, the key challenges are the increase of production throughput and yield. Effective prediction of the failures of the semicon equipment is a way to decrease a machine downtime, improve productivity, and reduce production costs and repairing time.

ASM Pacific Technology developed an infrastructure for condition monitoring of a generic motion stage of a semicon machine. This infrastructure makes sure the digital twin of our machines reacts as realistic as possible. It is based on the first principle models of the stage power electronics, three-phase motors, mechanics, and control. The original nonlinear continuous-time models are discretized and implemented in a state-observer for real-time estimation of different machine signals, especially the ones that are not directly measurable. By monitoring these signals, we can detect deviations of the machine performance from the nominal one. That helps us determine root-causes of these deviations and optimally schedule the machine maintenance.


About the speaker

Dragan Kostić is a senior technology development manager for the field of mechatronics at the ASM Center of Competency in Beuningen. He holds PhD in control technology and robotics received in 2004 at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

His professional career incorporates different positions at both academia and in industry. For instance, Kostic was a research fellow for control technology and robotics at the Embedded Systems Institute in Eindhoven, assistant professor for robotics at the TU Eindhoven, and student supervisor at the TU Delft. He also worked for a number of companies, such as ASML, FEI, VDL-ETG, and Océ, either as their employee or on consultancy basis in the fields of mechatronics, robotics and metrology.

Since 2017 Kostic works for the Center of Competency of the ASM Pacific Technologies on the problems of multi-disciplinary machine modelling, simulation, control technology, mechatronics system development and optimization, as well as machine health management.