Guido van Gageldonk

Digital Twins make the dream of Industry 4.0 a reality

For years we are talking about Industry 4.0, in which we would like to have agile production, and a move to autonomous production facilities. But it is still hard to make this all a reality. One of the missing pieces in this puzzle is Digital Twining and the technologies lying under these container words, namely; Realtime 3D, Realtime Simulation, Realtime Machine Learning.
In his talk Guido van Gageldonk will show several real industry cases which make use of these technologies, and bring the dream of real Industry 4.0 to life, and even bring us into a world beyond Industry 4.0 of evolutionary design, development, and deployment. In which man, algorithm and machine work together.


About the speaker

As CTO, Guido van Gageldonk is responsible for the technical roadmap of all Unit040’s products. He is the face of the company and for years the figurehead of digital twin in the Netherlands. Also he delivers highly watched keynotes and media performances.