Control systems, the virtual way

To demonstrate the possibilities and benefits of model driven engineering, the ICT Group developed a demonstrator using the 24 V factory simulation of FisherTechniek. The control software has been written in Dezyne, a model driven technology produced by Verum Software Tools. ICT created a digital twin of the factory using Prespective, a tool easing the creation of such models from CAD drawings and produced by Unit040. In this talk, we reflect about our experiences in developing and applying these different models.


About the speakers

Jos Hegge has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Delft University of Technology. He worked as software engineer before moving on to development management. He has run teams of multiple disciplines in companies like Philips, NXP and Synopsis. Projects ranged from pure research to complete OEM products. In 2016 he joined Verum as COO and product manager with the ambition to help in bringing about a revolution in the way we develop software: model driven backed by formal verification.