Jos Voskuil

Digital twins do not run on documents

Connectivity and digitization have created entirely new possibilities for companies to design, deliver and operate products more efficiently than ever. Using a digital twin at each stage of the lifecycle has become a target for many companies, and some are even considering having a single digital twin evolving along its lifecycle. Using the findings of GE’s digital transformation combined with experiences from other companies, Jos Voskuil will take you along some of the crucial topics every company should consider when implementing a digital twin. What are the required conditions to transform from a coordinated business into a connected business?

About the speaker

Jos Voskuil has been active in the domain of PLM for over 20 years. Initially, as a PLM implementer, trainer, and coach for mid-market companies. Later in a broader scope, mediating between PLM solution providers, implementers, and their customers, building up a vast experience related to all kinds of PLM topics, sharing them since 2008 in his blog: Currently, Jos is lecturing and actively explaining and promoting modern data-driven approaches for PLM towards a model-based enterprise in all its aspects, the business side, the impact on an organization, and the required methodologies/technologies.