Julien Schmaltz

How good a twin is my digital twin?

A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical object. In this presentation, we consider the assessment of that ‘twin’ aspect. Digital twins are currently mostly used for visualization or to bring data together. The next step is to use digital twin to validate software or to extract data without the use of the physical twin. To enable these use-cases, we must impose and validate requirements on the digital model. In this talk, we give a definition of ‘being a twin’ using testing equivalences and conformance relations. We then give a methodology to actual create requirements and automatically validate these requirements using model-based testing. We apply our definition and methodology to a factory model representative of typical systems used and developed by our customers.


About the speaker

Julien Schmaltz is principal consultant at ICT Group where he is guiding customers in the digitalization of their software engineering process. He holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of Grenoble, France. Before joining ICT, he was associate professor in computer science at the Eindhoven University of Technology where he conducted research and education in the field of model driven engineering with applications to hardware and software systems. In cooperation with universities, he is actively engaged in facilitating the transfer of technology created by academic research to the market through cooperation with students and spin-off companies.