Keynote: Digital Twins the do’s and don’ts

What is becoming increasingly important in processes in industry are overview, insight and visualization. This is the point at which the concept of digital twins makes its appearance. But besides the use of a digital second in production, we see several application areas. The far-reaching digitization already starts during the development of the machines, the factory and the products that will make the machines and factory. A digital second is also being made of the individual parts during development. Now in the industry we are already used to 3D CAD models, and models of system behaviour. But due to the advancing technology, it is now possible to bring these different models together more and more quickly in the process and to realize a kind of virtual prototype.

As the CTO of Unit040, a provider of the digital twin platform Prespective for industry, Guido van Gageldonk has seen a lot of projects in which digital twins have been build. He will talk you through the why, how and what, and the do’s and don’ts.


About the speaker

As CTO, Guido van Gageldonk is responsible for the technical roadmap of all Unit040’s products. He is the face of the company and for years the figurehead of digital twin in the Netherlands. Also he delivers highly watched keynotes and media performances.