Keynote: developing automatic train operation using digital twins

Automated train operation (ATO) is the next big thing for railways. The goal is to increase capacity by making trains drive more accurately and thereby reducing the need for space between trains. Prorail is assembling a digital twin to develop and test ATO.

Prorail uses the LVC approach. LVC stands for Live Virtual Constructive. This enables a seamless transition from simulation studies to simulators with real users to live testing. This speeds up the process and makes more intensive testing possible, including hybrid combinations of live, virtual and constructive tests.


About the speaker

Jelle van Luipen has been an innovator for many years at Prorail. He focusses on innovation in logistical processes in railways to increase capacity. Examples are signalling systems, driver assistance systems and automatic driving. Developing and testing ICT innovations using simulation are his speciality.