Implementing digital twin without killing business

Digital Twin is emerging as the technology to drive digital transformation, but traditional approaches are not overcoming the problems of legacy system landscapes that are very fragmented with incompatible data silos. Projects are often scheduled over 3 to 5 years, take large numbers of resources and do not deliver returns until late in the cycle. Moreover everyone has a different perspective on what it is and the term has already been hijacked. Steve Brown will talk about the challenges and how to rapidly overcome them without consuming vast amounts of time from the business. He will give examples of Altran’s digital twin projects with the approaches taken and the resulting business outcomes.


About the speaker

Steve Brown is an experienced engineer, innovator and transformation lead with over 25 years experience in digital transformation and advanced technologies working at companies like Sandvik, ABB, BAe, British Steel, Schneider Electric, Yara, Scottish Power, Kingfisher, Nordea and Danske Bank. His first digital transformation project was in 1993 creating bi-directional telex/email converters for a shipping company in the UK. That early project used fuzzy logic to perform non-trivial pattern mapping and automatically identify recipients. Today we would call it machine learning. Since then Brown has been aligning business and IT to successfully deploy new technologies that achieve measurable business outcomes.